The Team around manager Jan Hoffmann and chef de cuisine Markus Nößler would like to get you enthusiastic about the specialties of our homeland. „ Short transport distances guarantee freshness without preservatives“ - this is the motto of the two educated restaurateurs.



After gaining new experiences in hotel and gastronomic businesses around the world, the two chefs decided to prove the Berliners and our tourists, how rich in variety and delicious our German Cuisine- and Beverage offer can be.  During their apprenticeship and their work at several big hotel and- catering events or their contribution at Formula One races, they realized how much love and special diligence are associated to German products abroad  and how less local firms and manufactures reflect this opinion and expose these products for sale due to their limited number in our own country. They came to the conclusion to change this situation, especially in Berlin, and planned with their team to manifest what the German and Berlin Cuisine has to offer, with the love to local products from our home country.



Of course it is important and necessary to enjoy and to debauch in the influences of foreign countries, because that makes us appreciate the German Cuisine even more.  Hardly any other country offers such a large variety of culinary indulgence.



Our team, consisting of all-educated hotel-and restaurant specialists and cooks is looking forward to delight your palate. In the traditional gastronomic way we flambé, carve and fillet your meals directly at your table and finish your evening with a classic digestive from our serving cart.


Come test us and see the difference….